Branding & Design

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design
  • Print Design


  • Product Photography
  • Retouching


  • Corporate Websites
  • Ecommerce
  • Responsive Design

Music & Audio

  • Musical Instruments
  • Audio Equipment
  • Installed Sound
  • Event Organizing


How much do you charge?

It varies according to the business size and needs. I’m always welcome to connect with you to gather the most about your needs to give you the most accurate prices for the services you might need.

What's the importance of a website to my business?

Your corporate website is your image in front of the world. A meaningful, well designed, informative website for your business means better communication and better image to your brand for your clients or customers.

How long does it take to build a website?

It depends. But average corporate websites take up to two weeks until done. Other websites like ecommerce websites or other content heavy websites can take more weeks, even months to build. It all depends on the amount of ready content and content to be generated.

Can you rebrand my business?

Of course, whether you need a complete overhaul to your current brand identity, or you need to enhance and build on your current brand concepts, I can do it.

Do you collaborate?

Sure, I’m open to collaborating with any of your company’s team members, or your outsourced members as well.

How long do you offer support?

Depends on our agreement. But basically I provide 6 months of free support for most of the websites I build. Other projects like branding or graphic design work have no support after delivery.

Can you organize a musical event?

Of course, with lots of connections in the scene and experience working with international music legends, I can organize top level music or art events.

What installed sound services do you provide?

I have good experience in residential and small to mid-sized retail applications, like in coffee shops, restaurants, retail shops, and other similar installations.

What’s the connection between music and other services you offer?

Since I’ve been playing music since I was 6, and I’ve had several encounters with lots of well-known musicians as a young talent, I built very strong connections in the scene. After I left Boxoit, the agency I co-founded, I decided to diversify my business portfolio and make use of my hobby.

So, I founded a musical instruments store, started taking chances of organizing major events with the greatest musicians, and using my experience in audio and sound in more audio systems design and installation services, making me build a parallel career in the music and audio industry.

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